What Are IV Therapy Infusions?

Along with the primary IV infusions below, Belmore Medical also provides custom supplementations and intramuscular IM booster shots. You will receive a free consultation before and on the day of your booking with your nurse to ensure the correct treatment is administered.

IV Therapy options


Vitamin D Injection

Vitamin B12

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Is IV therapy the right choice for me?

IV therapy is a quick way to administer fluids and vitamins into your body. We Offer a lot of options for our clients, Iron, Vitamin D Injection, Vitamin B12, Boost Immune System etc. IV therapy is being used for a wide variety of health concerns.

Alot of people are using IV Therapy for Hangovers, Improve Skin, Dehydration, Removing toxins and increasing energy.

Our Registered Nurses can accommodate individual and group bookings.